Girls’ Bedroom Remodel

It’s been awhile since I last mentioned the girls’ room remodel. Still in progress with little details to tend to – like installing the reading lights and hanging their individual cork boards – the room has come together as a stylish and bright space appropriate for a toddler, a tween and a teen – believe it or not, it was possible to find colors, a common style and enough personal space for each girl.

We had the two older girls come up with ideas and the one that they brought to life were the stripes on the wall. After I pitched the “Paul Frank” comforter set, that helped to drive the color scheme. But make note that the girls did a TON of work in their room from disassembing their own beds to painting the walls to assembling the shelves. Credit for all other pieces goes to my handyman Hubby. He assembled the bed all by himself – impressive but not surprising!

Bold colored stripes along the strikingly white wall...after having a pastel yellow room for the past 5 years, the white was truly refreshing!

The bed is a twin over full with a pull-out trundle – a bed for each girl. Because the Paul Frank comforter was pricey, we decided to get color coordinate beddings from Walmart. The entire cost of the beddings including the comforter was less than $100.

The bed. We ordered the bed from Bunk Bed King for a really good price.

We took the mirrored sliding doors off the girls’ closet awhile ago and replaced it with inexpensive curtains. For the remodel, we went to IKEA and bought a silver rod and red curtains for a total of $20.

A peek at their closet complete with Ella's red All-Stars :)

We made the difficult decision to remove the desk from their bedroom since it wouldn’t allow the trundle to pull out completely. Since there were other places in the house to do homework, the girls agreed to make the sacrifice. We bought cube shelves from Target for less than $100 and low and behold – they had fabric boxes in the same colors as the girls’ room so it was perfect. Each girl is assigned to a color.

Shelves with fabric boxes for each girl to keep their belongings.

Mission accomplished. We are near finished with their room – it is so nice to see them enjoying their new space and it’s so nice that Ella finally has a room to call her own. :)


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