#31 – Plan a Girls’ Night Out – DONE

With our busy work schedules and growing families, my girlfriends and I have been trying to get together once a month for a Girls’ Night Out/In to unwind, laugh, catch up and enjoy new experiences together. This past weekend, we celebrated my sis-in-law turning twenty-twelve in downtown SD. Although the plans changed slightly and the parking in downtown was limited and challenging, we had a blast!

We tried to go to a new bar in downtown called Analog Bar, but it was closed until 10pm for  a private party. So we had to switch gears. We tried to go to another popular/new place called Neighborhood, but an hour wait???? Mmmm…no. So we walked around the corner and ventured into Bar Ninety, another new joint. Perfect name for the “theme” of our GNO. :) All the ladies were asked to bring a wrapped gift reminiscent of the 80s or 90s, and let me tell you – some of these gifts were hilarious! Here are some highlights from our night out.

First round of drinks...

Although none of us were familiar with Bar Ninety and only chose this place based mostly on convenience and not having to “wait”, the experience had its highs and lows. The highs – the food was delicious and portions were generous, especially the skewers which were $5 for 3 (soy glazed beef skewers were my fave), and happy hour is later than most places (7pm-9pm), the interior was pretty swanky but we couldn’t figure out the theme (medieval maybe?), it wasn’t crowded, we sat on loungey seats reminiscent of a living room as opposed to stiff dining tables. The lows – the service, the speed, the attentiveness…sorry to say, she didn’t get a good tip from us.

The GIRLS...

 So after dinner, we decided to venture out to a dessert place. We packed it in the XB and drove around for a good while until we FINALLY found parking around the corner from the super-cute Caffe Italia in Little Italy. It was perfect – lots of seating (we pretty much had the whole back section to ourselves), great coffee drinks and delicious desserts. By the way, tons of laughter during the hunt for parking – TONS! LOL.

My Caramel Latte at Caffe Italia in Little Italy where we exchanged gifts :)

Z with Sun-In, Aqua Net, Scrunchies and a knock-off "Cool Water" perfume - LOL

Z and Marlou proudly displaying their scrunchies!

The birthday girl with a popular Sanrio character from the 90s Tuxedo Sam.

Overall, we had an awesome time – all the little flukes in the plans made for an even better time – I’m still giggling on the inside. Heeheehee. Yay to Girls’ Night Out! Can’t wait for September.


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