#16 Buy a Third Vehicle – DONE

I am so proud that we just paid off our Sequoia – woohoo! I’ve been tapping my fingers on the calculator for months and planning for the day we get our third vehicle. With our 17 year old driving, it was time to pass along the Civic to him. That meant that we needed a third vehicle in our family. I had been eyeing the Scion XB for sometime now. I didn’t really dig the older boxier models – but I absolutely fell in love with the curves of the newer models. I didn’t want to go broke over car payments and wanted a vehicle that had enough room for a carseat, groceries, a couple of kids and the Hubby too, so that we could take it on roadtrips while saving on gas! I feel like I am getting so much value for my buck – it was built in Japan, it’s spacious, small like a car but large enough to feel like a mini-SUV, great reviews, and it has a quirky-ness about it that I love. The Yakima roof racks and my new TRD wheels are on order, so soon my new baby will be accessorized with a new hat and new shoes! More pics to come. :)

Happy Me :)


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