Summer Party Inspiration

Living in sunny San Diego, you become spoiled with perfect weather that if you were to travel anywhere else in the world, all you can think about is the sunshine, warm air and cool breezes of “home”. I thought I’d post some creative ideas that are So-Cal appropriate for a San Diego summer party, courtesy of For more details and ideas,click here.

Retro goodie bags and surfboard shaped cookies

I'm all about the details - the cute little sign adds a nice touch!

So clever - custom-made coloring books! Will have to use this for one of Ella's future birthdays. :)

What a neat idea - again, need to remember this one for a future birthday party!

And why not have an ice cream bar party? That can be any day of the year here in San Diego! Check out the deets here.

This was for a wedding reception, but if you ask me, you don't need a special occasion to have an ice cream party!

The toppings...

The cones...


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