Analog & Tabac

Hubby and I are always excited to explore the latest new food/restaurant craze and always strive to plan fresh and fun dates! We decided to check out a new SD restaurant called Analog Bar recommended by my good friend and fellow foodie J-Dils. The appeal to us was the old school vibe they had going on – Street Fighter on the flat screens, Pee Chee folders that served as menus, turntables and vinyl – you get the picture. Always doing my research before visiting an establishment (as I do not like “surprises”) I got the feeling that they were still working on the “customer service” aspect – and although I don’t have a high tolerance for bad service, I at least knew what to expect while hoping that I would be surprised with fantastic service. Eh. Food bloggers were right about the bad service – what a bummer. But Hubby and I made the most of it, and sadly the wait staff suffered with a mediocre tip. Overall, the vibe was good, points for the vision, and the food (while I feel like I can make most of it at home) was creative and pretty tasty.

Analog Bar in downtown SD

The Pee Chee folder menu

Karl Strauss Hefeweizen

Flat screens of old-school video games

Vinyl, vinyl, vinyl...

The DJ booth

Totchos - tator tots topped with pulled pork, cheese, and slaw.

Prosciutto Mac & Cheese - I loved this!

Bacon-wrapped meatloaf sliders - love me some meatloaf. These were just ok to me probably because of the chunks of raw onion on the bottom. Eck.

Cheeseburger sliders - I actually liked these a lot and we got them at the happy hour price. Their sliders are pretty big and the patties themselves are pretty thick. This had a nice chargrilled taste to it!

A B&W taken by the Hubby

Just us :)

After dinner, we headed to this new cigar/hookah cafe called Tabac. When Hubby and I were first dating, we used to frequent this cigar/hookah cafe in downtown called Gran Havana until they shut down. That was a sad day – we loved going there! Recently, Hubby found out that the owners of Gran Havana opened up a new place so we were excited to check it out to have dessert, coffee and of course enjoy a couple of cigars!



Lighting up...

My gangster pose... ;)

Puff, exhale, puff, exhale, repeat...


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