Peek-A-Boo, Whooo Loves You Baby Girl?

Here are some photos from the shower I hosted at our house for my Bestie/Sunsis. :) It was owl-themed so I tried to incorporate the theme wherever possible. I’m a marketing-head so you know me and having to “brand” everything. LOL.

The invite I designed (I even drew that owl, thank you very much - lol) - I got these printed at Vista Print.

The favors - I wanted to do something different instead of using cellophane or tulle (which I love btw), so I decided to buy remnant fabric at Walmart - one pack cost me a buck and was able to make four bags. I bought different colorful patterns and mixed and matched them so that they all coordinated together. Inside the bags were little bags of Lindt chocolates.

The sign says "a little bag of sweet tweets just for you - hope you had a hoot!"

Mini water bottles labels I designed using the same owl from the invite.

Not the greatest shot, but inside the frame was the menu for the shower.

Owl cupcakes - I was so determined to make these. The Hubby and I had fun putting these together.

Sunsisters :)

Happy Mommy-to-Be being showered with gifts

Ella & her godparents later that evening


2 thoughts on “Peek-A-Boo, Whooo Loves You Baby Girl?

  1. THANK YOU SUNSIS for hosting my baby shower! I had a great time with all the ladies and loved all the little details. You’re the best!

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