Delicious Discovery

A co-worker of mine came by one morning (yes, in the morning) with a box of these cookies and offered me one. I thought, ‘Sure why not, I’ll save it for later.’ Me not being great with eating a breakfast daily ended up taking a bite (then two, then three…’til it was bye-bye) sooner than I thought! Mmmmmm…what are these fantastic little guys??? Side note, if you know me, I’m not really down for the hard, crispy kind of cookies that sometimes tear the roof of your mouth or can potentially chip your teeth. I’m more of the soft, dense cookie type. But these were pretty darn good!

To my advantage, she placed the BOX of cookies next to my office space. What are you doing to me??? How could I possibly resist ANOTHER cookie when they are conveniently sitting on the desk right next to me? I loved them so much that I examined the box to see what they were called — and clearly, they were not a US brand and it was a name I had to say syllable by syllable like I was learning to read for the first time. LOL. So I emailed my co-worker and asked her where she picked these up. She wrote back: “IKEA. Yes, not just a furniture store.” IKEA?! Really? I had no idea their cafe consisted of more than just the Swedish meatballs they love to advertise in their annual catalogs.

I highly recommend these – they’re not your average cookie. A little salty and sweet, crispy and thin, dainty and delicate. And chocolate. Perfectly paired with a cup of coffee, tea or milk even! A nice little hostess gift or something to take to your next potluck. I’ve yet to pay IKEA a visit but make no mistake that I will be walking out of there with a box of these!




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