Fun Finds Friday

Hi, blog! It’s a been a busy week but I’m baaaack. Skipped out on a few days including Random Thoughts Thursday, but I have something just as sweet – check out these fun finds! A little bit of hip, a little bit of chic, and a little bit of vintage in every one. ;)

Soft-serve ice cream machine with a super sweet sprinkle dispenser on the side!

I need to get one of these - so fun especially when I write my "Honey-Do" lists.

Perfect for when I make CD mixes for my girlfriends :)

Exactly what I think receipts are - CRAP, that is until I need one to return something.

I'd rock these socks all around the house!


The alternative to your boring little bookends.


I wish these were in stock - darn it!


Now how adorable is this wallet? Look at the inside lining - love love love!


Oh stationary, how I miss you so!




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