Next Project: Garden & Patio

Just like we re-did our garage into a functional office space and lounge and our master bedroom back into a place of rest and relaxation, we need to do the same for our patio. I do not have a green thumb by any stretch…BUT my parents do! I’m hoping to tap into their expertise to get our patio in order. Right now, it’s kind of an eyesore – mostly because we have no plants and flowers other than the overgrowing vines from the neighbors behind us (ugh) and recyclables everywhere – kinda getting out of control. So here’s my vision…tall potted plants, a bed of flowers and herbs (our first attempt at planting herbs was a big failure notably because it didn’t get enough TLC), touch-up our existing patio furniture with paint, move the grill to a different location, move the patio furniture to a different location, get rid of (or stow away) the white patio furniture to free up space, figure out a way to hide and contain the recyclables, and cover the two other ends of our patio fencing to match the long stretch of bamboo sheeting that the Hubby originally did. Eventually, the Hubby wants to build bench seating all along the fence and we would probably get rid of our patio furniture which I feel is a bit oversized anyway – he also talked about building an awning to provide shading and feel more room-like. Eh…we’ll see. So many ideas, but it will be a challenge especially with our family’s summer trip coming up. But it’s good to have plans in writing…at the very least, we can work on sprucing up our garden and rearranging the grill/patio furniture.


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