A Proud Mommy Moment

Yesterday was Ella’s first day in swim class – I was nervous from the day I signed her up. My baby girl does not like water poured on her face during bath time so I was extremely worried that she would hate swim class, throw a fit, scream, cry, etc. Ella has no problem letting you know if she is unhappy. :)

To my surprise, Ella LOVED her first day at swim class! Her instructor, Miss Alex, was wonderful and took her time with Ella to build the trust. The class was only 30 minutes and as soon as Ella got out of the pool, she started walk back towards it. I feel so happy for her and it was a joy to see her having a great time in the water. When I ask Ella “Why is mommy so proud of you?” she responds “Because I went swimming!”

Happy in the pool! :)

Having Fun with Miss Alex

Daddy and Mommy are all smiles (Ella just wants to hop back in the pool!)

Playtime AFTER swimming - what a day!


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