Deep-fried Oreos, Birthday Cakes & Fireworks – OH MY!

What a funfilled weekend it was! We somehow managed to juggle a sleepover at our house on Friday with our nieces, a double-BBQ (one on Saturday at my folks’ and another on Sunday at the in-laws’ that we hosted), a movie, a birthday lunch, a little shopping, lots of cooking, laundry, and STILL work out…the funny thing is that despite how incredibly busy it was, our family (the 6 of us) managed to spend some quality time together – it’s been a long time since we’ve all even had dinner together since my our son works. The whole weekend was a perfect balance of friends, family and our children. And the most important part of the weekend was my Hubby’s birthday, which we celebrated all weekend long. I hope he feels how loved and special he is to ALL of us. :) Here are some photos from the weekend – hope you had a wonderful weekend as well!

My folks surprised Joe with a birthday cake at the BBQ they hosted on Saturday - so sweet...and the card they gave him was even sweeter. :)

This face...priceless!

Me and my favorite girls!

Pretty girls, pretty dresses...

Cake #2: Making a wish with family and friends

IBC + Devin + Edmon (my baby was playing in the other room)


The kids watching the sky light up with fireworks!

Me and my Ella watching fireworks together :)

Who needs the fair? We made our OWN deep-fried OREOS as an "after-fireworks" snack!

Our taste-tester Bubba Joel - we got his approval that it was a big hit!

Our girls at TGI Fridays for Hubby's birthday lunch

Happy birthday, Daddy!

Shopping - love this picture of the fantastic four!


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