LA Part 2: Music & Food

[BTW: This is actually the first part of our trip.]

We started our trip in LA with a wonderful brunch at a place where Hubby’s visiting cousins from Jersey checked out and loved – The Griddle Cafe. Warning: When you read the menu, your mouth may water. ;) After reading reviews on Yelp, I learned that we would likely stand in line but parking was ample. Lucky for us, we scored a parking spot pretty fast and the wait wasn’t too bad – it made for nice convo-time and people-watching with the Hubby.



By the looks of it, the line looked chaotic, but TGC apparently had a hidden system going on. Seated after about 20 minutes of waiting (not bad for a popular LA joint), we started with a cup of coffee – they ask if you want bold, medium, etc. and the coffee is not just poured into your cup but served in a coffee press – lovin’ it already.


My guy :)

Cracked out with cream & Splenda

Decisions, decisions. After perusing through the menu, we decided to get one savory dish and one sweet dish to share. The Peanut “Bubba” French Toast and The Griddle’s signature Tequila Sunrise were our picks! We loved them both, but I think my favorite was the french toast and I want to say the Hubby really enjoyed the Tequila Sunrise.

French toast dipped in a peanut butter crunch and grilled to perfection - and perfect it was!

Hello huevos rancheros! The special part of this dish was their chicken tequila sausage - so good!

After this hearty brunch, our bellies were happy and we were ready to venture off to our favorite music store Amoeba! Check out what I happened to stumble upon – love these great music finds and love the price tag! ;)

A Disney Reggae CD??? Yes, it does exist. Adding to Ella's music collection. :)

After shopping at Amoeba, we headed to The Grammy Museum. While walking to the museum, we snapped photos of the Staples Center complete with a championship mural. Go Lakers! You also see plaques adorned with the names of past Grammy winners as you stroll to the museum.

Mural at the Staples Center

Lauryn Hill - my fave artist of the late 90s and I still love her music.

The Great Magic Johnson

"Talking" to the One & Only Chick Hearn

Now, if you’re a music-lover like us, you MUST go to The Grammy Museum – it was AWESOME! Hubby and I were like two little kids in a wonderland of everything we love – the technology featured in the museum was worth the admission fee! You see actual letters, costumes, artwork and other memorabilia from artists of every era – it was so special to see these pieces.

Tickets were about $13 a person - SO WORTH IT!

The Grammy Museum

Standing next to the letter that was sent to all the artists who were part of the USA for Africa's "We Are The World", asking for everyone's cooperation in keeping the confidentiality of the project. Also featured in the case is the original written music. (This photo was taken with Hubby's cell phone. He saw how fascinated I was and "broke the rules" to snap this moment.)

As we were walking back to our car, we stopped over and got some ice cream – meh. I thought it was overpriced and just ok…but refreshing nonetheless.

Mint & Banana Flavored Ice Cream

We also saw some skater kids who asked us for “money to buy food” if they did some tricks. One kid skated down a flight of ten steps. And he scored a $10 dollar bill from us – a dollar a step. He deserved it – and the smile of gratitude on his and his friends’ faces were priceless!

Doing tricks...

The Skater Crew

What can I say? We love LA! :)


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