#14 Buy a King Size Bed – DONE!

Haha, I actually achieved something on my to-do list and didn’t even realize it! Sweet! Forgot all about putting “Buy a King Size Bed” on the list so now I feel especially happy for checking off another thing off the list. Our master bedroom is slowly becoming a place of rest and relaxation, not chaos and stress. Thanks to the Hubby for all of his hard work (no matter how tired he may be).

Another thing I’d like to cross off my list is planning a special girls’ night in or girls’ night out with my besties. Paula planned last night’s outing – sushi at Eda Mami and dessert at her new place. There aren’t enough hours for us to talk, “gossip”, comfort each other and laugh. Always a good time! So thankful for these ladies.

BFFs & Paula's Little Ones


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