Change is Good

The past few days have been busy and full of changes – see below:

– My last day at Provide was last Friday. It was bittersweet. I wanted to get out of there quick because I don’t like long good-byes. My team gave me flowers and a card, which was really nice. Will miss everyone but felt good when the HR manager and Director told me I’m on their radar for future opportunities – always good to have options. It was a damn good run and I appreciated everything the company shared with me.

– Son started a new job that requires our support with transportation on some days. Oh how I wish he had his own vehicle to drive. We are so close to paying off our SUV and could get a new car soon. But there’s no point in rushing it when our boy isn’t comfortable driving stick. So we have to compromise our schedules to accommodate his ride needs when he’s with us…for now.

– Kids are officially on summer break (lucky). With that, we have to make sure they stay busy during the time they’re with my father-in-law while we’re at work. In addition, all of the kids’ schedules have changed a bit during the summer where they will be with their moms more and Hubby and I will get to enjoy more breaks, which we could use.

– We just got new bedroom furniture delivered on Saturday – hooray! More than a want, we NEEDED a new bed. Our necks and backs were suffering, especially my Hubby’s. King size, new mattress, high thread sheets, and new duvet set – our bedroom is what it’s supposed to be now, our haven. But can you imagine all the moving around we had to do? Ugh.

– I just started my new gig yesterday. A lot of anxiety and excitement. I don’t like being the “new kid” and I have to say that it’s not my favorite having to adjust to new environments. In this case, new team, new wardrobe, new workspace, new rules, new schedule, new expectations, new responsibilities. But part of me was really excited. The first day filled me up with stress and anxiety – having to get dolled up in business clothes, getting Ella ready and out the door, making it to work on time while hoping to have a parking space (as they are VERY limited), and the whole “not knowing what to expect” mentality always freaks me out. But overall, I had a great first day! My team seems great and they were very welcoming – despite their very busy schedules, they took me to lunch at a nearby hotel which had a nice little restaurant. I had a very delicous crab and avocado salad. Yum. And the conversations were so natural – I feel so comfortable around them, which was a wonderful feeling. They gave me my own laptop so I can work from home when needed. I have a nice little, private workspace. I sit close to the ladies room and the coffee machines and microwaves! Yay! And bonus points for brewing Starbucks coffee AND having even fancier creamer than my last job. I can’t wait to contribute my work to this team – waiting for Adobe InDesign Trial to download as we speak so I can get some work done. :)


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