Random Thoughts Thursday

  • Had a bit of a rough morning – not ever fun having to reprimand a kid first thing in the morning! UGH.
  • So happy that the new season of Top Chef has started – lots of talent! So far, I’m a fan of Kenny.
  • So excited to get our new bed this weekend. :) We deserve it! And we got new sheets and a new duvet set.
  • Kind of sad to leave my current job – super-casual attire, own office, relaxed environement, free flowers and food, Starbucks coffee all day every day, awesome parties, and the cool people I’ve met. Too bad it didn’t work out as a permanent position, but I’m excited for my new job!
  • I’ve been slippin on my blog posts lately – that’s how busy I’ve been.
  • It was nice spending time with my brother, SIL, niece and neff yesterday.
  • Ella had another stellar day at daycare! I’m so proud of her.
  • I cannot wait to pick up my 5 pairs of pants from the tailor’s today.
  • Nice lunch with Hubby yesterday at Red Lobster – hands down, I think they have the best calamari! Plus, they batter and deep-fry broccoli and bell peppers too…mmm!
  • Still not sure what’s happening for Father’s Day and unfortunately Hubby’s gift will be late – sorry!
  • I’ll end this post with a quote that my good friend posted on her FB page – I thought it was great advice and applies to so many areas of “life” – work, families, relationships, friendships. Thanks R!

“Go where you are celebrated – not tolerated.
If they can’t see the beauty of your heart, it’s time for a new start…”-Unknown


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