Weekend, Thank You For Being Good To Me!

Seldom do we ever get weekends to ourselves. But our blended family situation allows us one weekend a month to ourselves (with Ella of course). I love all of our kids, but all parents whether biological, stepparent, single parent – doesn’t matter – need time to recharge and regroup…and be a little selfish without feeling a little bit guilty about it.

So for my selfish fix, my dear Hubby took me shopping for “business casual” work clothes. Thanks my love! We finally purchased a king size bed and a new mattress – so excited for it to deliver this weekend. We ate our favorite foods – Sushi AND Thai, and even went out to breakfast before a very busy Saturday. I was able to do some of my “own” cleaning and FINALLY…dun da da dun…my closet cleaning project has begun! I got rid of 2 trash bags worth of clothes – can you believe it? It was so therapuedic emptying out my closet. I was able to organize my clothing by color and now I can see just how many pieces I have to choose from…and it’s a pretty good amount. Now I need to attack the top shelf, but I feel really good that I am making progress.

Hubby and I got to enjoy some sunshine with friends and family at a flag football game, as well as take Ella to a birthday party. It was nice to socialize with adults and other parents, and spend time with our godkids. We did our usual Walmart/Target/VONS run and finished ALL of the laundry, as well as vacuumed and cleaned bathrooms. We made it a point to cook during the weekend so we don’t blow all of our money on eating out – so that was nice. We watched TV. We sat in the patio. We took care of our individual to-do’s. It made me realize that we really need these weekends to ourselves because we come out of them so refreshed and accomplished!

What’s in the works this weekend? Hodad’s with my college BFF J-Dils, a new bed and a nice Father’s Day. In the pipeline? I have my one-on-one invitation for our 9 year old ready to be delivered, a new job that I am excited for, a little LA getaway with the Hubby (yay!) and an owl-themed shower for my Bestie.


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