Random Thoughts Thursday

  • Hugely important meeting of the minds today – the first of its kind. I am both nervous and anxious, and I’m praying that all goes well.
  • I heart Groupon and all of its kind – I have date nights lined up for me and the Hubby, and what a great feeling to know that we are saving money!
  • Finally – our son lands a job…at the fair! It’s a start.
  • Speaking of fair…can’t wait to go to the SD County Fair with the Hubby and Ella this summer. Got discounted readmission tixs from work. Should be fun!
  • Wondering what is up with the Ralphs reuseable bag design contest – they are supposed to announce the winner tomorrow but they haven’t even posted the finalists on their website, as the contest rules promised.
  • Shopping this weekend – business casual work attire needs to be beefed up big time!
  • I hate being sick – still fighting a cold and a very achy neck/back.
  • Looking forward to an almost kidless weekend – I seriously need to regroup.
  • I’m hungry – time to eat!

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