A Street-Style Celebration is in Order!

Today, I received an email that marks a new beginning for me. I finally have the opportunity to take my career to the next level with a company that enhances the lives of those living with diabetes, a condition that both of my parents live with, as well as other people in my life. Having worked for financial companies 10 out of 12 years of my professional career, my work was somewhat impersonal and cold. I am excited to learn about and contribute to the medical and health field, where I will have more of a personal tie to my work.

Timing is perfect. Commute is cake. And the team I will be working along side consists of experts and professionals who are hard-working and passionate about their work. I enjoyed working as a contractor for the past several months and if an opportunity came up at the company I’m currently at, I’d be all over it (believe me, I tried) – but there is so much that I miss about being a permanent employee like PAID VACATION! I cannot wait to accrue those vacation days and start planning for an exciting vacation that will require us buying airfare! Haha!

In the meantime, I glow with excitement and happiness, and feel very gracious for this opportunity. I am enjoying the feeling of this heavy weight being lifted from my shoulders. I’ve waited so long for this. My dear sweet Hubby has plans to take me to a restaurant that has intrigued us both: Susan Feniger’s STREET in LA. Seeing her on Top Chef Masters as well as on a recent episode of Chefs vs. City, I fell in love with her quirky style and personality, and simply put, I just want to taste her food! STREET’s menu consists of different dishes inspired by Chef Feniger’s travels – so you can start with a dish inspired by Singapore, followed by a dish inspired by Moscow, and end with a dessert inspired by Turkey. I cannot wait!

So excited…for so many reasons. :)


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