Closet: Inspiration

As I was perusing through one of my favorite blogs I came across these photogs she took of her bestie’s dining room converted walk-in closet. It inspired me to get my act together and get that shared closet of ours organized pronto! Our closet is filled with folded jeans (some that don’t even fit and need to go ASAP), t-shirts, hanging slacks, dresses, blouses, suits, shoes, Ella’s clothes (and I’m not kidding when I say this kid has a TON of clothes), as well as our collection of hats and my overflowing collection of purses. Add to that a hodgepodge of anything and everything that doesn’t have a home and gets tossed into our closet like wrapping paper and gift bags, scrapbook materials, old cards, files, etc. I hope to feel just as peaceful as I do sitting in our new work/lounge space when we get that closet squared away.

Our closet is so unorganized that I forget about the cute purses and clothes I actually do own!

Love all the colors and patterns!


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