Bye-bye May – Hello June!

This weekend was absolutely wonderful – we did so much but yet I feel well-rested and rejuvenated. Makes you wonder why weekends aren’t normally 3 days. But I guess you appreciate that extra day off when it comes around. I can’t believe it’s already June! Summer colors, vacation plans, and possibly new opportunities to look forward to. Crossing fingers. Here are some highlights from the weekend:

  • The weather was gorgeous the ENTIRE weekend. I love San Diego!
  • Spent Saturday morning with the big one and little one. The big one chauffeured us to Costco and VONS. It was nice shopping with him and Ella – I could always use those extra muscles for the heavy lifting of my bulk purchases and helping out with Ella. He was a huge help and got us from point A to point B safely and responsibly. Since it was the two of the them this whole weekend, they were able to spend a lot of quality time together. I can see how much Ella loves her big brother.
  • Watched “Valentine’s Day” OnDemand with the Hubby. I really enjoyed it. It reminded me of one of my favorite movies “Love Actually”. Both have multiple stories that intertwine the characters and both have a star-studded cast.
  • Created two designs for my good friend Gary’s 40th birthday summer shindig. Was really happy with both designs (and so was he – whew!)
  • Went shopping with the Hubby on Saturday night – that was so sweet of him to take me shopping (thanks love). He picked up a few things too – he must love me that much if he agrees to buy “summer-y” colors that I like for him.
  • Picked up Chinese from China Max in Clairemont on Saturday night after shopping. I am in love with their salted fish and chicken fried rice. You know me and salty stuff. Oh, and they messed up our order and instead of salted pork chops, they gave us this baked pork with a sweet sauce. It was the best food mistake ever made. We’re fans!
  • BBQ’d with the extended family on Sunday at my parents’ place. It’s always so nice to have both of our families together. Dad cooked a mean steak – the meat was juicy with just enough fat. Mmmmm. I enjoyed spending time with my kids, nephews and niece.
  • Took Ella to the park Monday morning – funny how this girl will play with the dirt, bark, grass, sand (whatever is on the ground) over the actual playground.
  • After running more errands, we came home and I actually fell asleep on the couch! That ONLY happens if I’m really relaxed or really tired. I think I was really relaxed. The window was open so the nice breeze was flowing through the house.
  • I had a dinner date with the Hubby at our new fave joint Cucina Urbana. We ordered their appetizer special of the day which was a trio of bruschetta – I’ll do my best to describe each one 1) bacon or pancetta with a sweet date sauce, 2) ricotta cheese (maybe) with a sundried tomato puree and 3) goat cheese over duck cracklings (aka duck skin). We also ordered the deep fried squash blossoms which they are famous for. Outstanding but really rich! I was getting full from the starters, and although I could have chosen something new for my main entrée, I stuck to my beloved short rib pappardelle. I love this dish. After dinner we had a Starbucks date. :)
  • And FINALLY…my new workspace is near finished! Thanks to the Hubby for working so hard at clearing the space, setting up my table and hanging my inspiration board. I am so excited, and both he and I have been enjoying our newly clean and organized master bedroom. It’s so much more functional and Ella is loving the loveseat where she watches Dora while Mommy and Daddy work. Photos to come. Next will be the closet. A little…SCARED. :)

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