Mixin’ It Up: Random Thoughts Wednesday

  • Single-mom-with-twins action this morning – niece spent the night so I had to get both girls ready this morning and take them to daycare. It wasn’t easy but mission accomplished!
  • Yay! Going to Yo Gabba Gabba LIVE in November. Tickets purchased and I’m so excited they added tour dates to include San Diego!
  • Can’t wait to work on a hip-hop mix CD with the Hubby – keepin’ things fresh and fun as always!
  • So glad I went to the REEF last Friday in Long Beach – good friends, great music and got to unwind with the Hubby and my other friend Vodka Collins. :)
  • DJ FL3X’s latest mix is the business – especially the freestyle portion. I feel like doing the cabbage patch!
  • Half way to the long weekend – YES!
  • Hodad’s with J-Dils is on the calendar – looking forward to that bacon patty, Jan! :)
  • So glad my SIL is home and healthy.
  • Started our next newsletter – going to be another exciting issue.
  • So proud of another Filipina making her mark – Nicole Scherzinger won Dancing With the Stars!
  • Nice relaxing BBQ with the fam this weekend – I want to make a new dessert and dish. Therapy.
  • Possible date with my #1 guy – YELP to the rescue. :)
  • Happy to report – making progress on master bedroom. LOL.
  • Got Ella’s skinny jeans and we all just love them on her. Adorable.
  • Meatloaf, corn, mac & cheese for dinner tonight.
  • My nephew is so perfect. :)

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