Random Thoughts Thursday

  • Big day tomorrow – just throw some luck my way! :)
  • Tomorrow it the last day to vote for my Ralphs reusable bag design – crossing fingers that I make it as one of the finalists. Please vote. Thanks for the support!
  • Club with the Hub tomorrow night? Depends on how my day goes tomorrow – I’m 70/30 right now. Could be a very exhausting day.
  • One-on-one date with my 14 year old s.d. on Saturday. She requested sushi or Hawaiian food so we’re going to try to check out a place that’s new to both of us – Homestyle Hawaiian and then watching The Last Song. Afterwards, maybe check out the mall since we’ll already be there. Can’t wait to spend some quality time with her.
  • Dinner tonight – grilled steaks, sweet corn on the cob and white rice. Steak is marinating as I blog…mmmm.
  • Been daydreaming a lot lately.
  • I think God showed me a sign yesterday morning. ;)
  • Shaun Maxwell and his mommy will be coming home today.
  • I love (not really) how I stay awake through most of a show I really wanted to watch and fall asleep right before I catch the ending! Happened while I was watching Top Chef Masters  last night and has happened several times before!
  • It’s time for Ella to sleep with her sisters – I’m getting kicked off my own bed!
  • Having a two year old is like having your own personal echo – the other day at a 4-way stop, a woman was not paying attention to her turn and I said out loud “Go lady!” and right after Ella said “Go lady!” Gotta watch what I say. Glad I didn’t say something worse. LOL.
  • Didn’t have time to pack a real lunch today, so I just grabbed a pandesal and stuck a slice of American cheese inside. Good ole pandesal sandwich! :)
  • Grateful I have a good relationship with s.s.’s biological mother. He’s going through some teenage stuff right now, especially in the relationship department, so it’s nice to be able to commensurate with his mom. And thank goodness we are both on the same page!
  • Getting my idea list together for a special baby shower of someone near and dear to me.

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