Weekend Recap

It’s amazing how much I got done this weekend:

  • Completed AND submitted both eco-bag designs. I hope I make it as one of the finalists! Regardless, I’m happy with the work I put into the designs I submitted. :) This is a BIG one to cross off my list!
  • I actually watched and finished both Twilight and New Moon. I am anxious for Eclipse to come out now.
  • Wrote and sent out all of the TY cards for Ella’s bday.
  • I folded and put away all of Ella’s new clothes from her bday.
  • Laundry – done!
  • Grocery shopping – done and stayed within budget too.
  • I was able to watch some (ok, a lot of) TV – caught up on Tori & Dean and even watched an episode of Millionaire Matchmaker OnDemand. Plus, I also watched a couple of shows on the Food Network – 5 Ingredient Fix and Giada at Home. I’m inspired to make Thai yellow curry chicken and veggies now.
  • Cooked a recipe from one of my older issues of Food Network magazine but with turkey bacon instead. I’d make this again with the kids – fun and easy! Adding a notch to #21 on the To-Do list. Only 8 more recipes to go!
  • Got my toes done – didn’t think it would happen but thank you Hubby for insisting I do it and thank you for the nice lady at Nail2000 for letting me come in 10 minutes before closing time!
  • Ate some good food – hit up Chamorro Grill again with the big one to discuss his future plans AND later that night picked up sushi from our favorite place for a quiet dinner at home with the Hubby (and Ella).
  • Went to my gf’s kids’ bday party on Sunday – Ella had a great time in the jumpy with her friends!
  • Spent time with the family on Friday night.
  • Replaced our broken mini-vac – finally!
  • AND…I’m seeing the numbers on the scale go down! Woohoo!

Still left outstanding…OUR BEDROOM! Ahhhh – I think we need to tackle our room section by section. That might work better. Happy Monday, everyone!

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