Happy Friday!

So happy it’s Friday – and so happy that the weekend ahead is not a busy one. Lots of time to breathe, enjoy this beautiful San Diego weather, and spend time with the Hubby, the little one and the big one. :) What I’m looking forward to:

  • Sleeping in as late as Ella will allow me to – which means until 7am. I’ll take whatever I can get.
  • Early morning grocery shopping with the kids. My incentive to get our boy up early is to tell him he can drive to the store. :)
  • A much-needed pedi!
  • Having an islander lunch with the fam possibly at Chamorro Grill or Leilani’s in PB.
  • Working on our room – finally. I AM DE-TER-MINED.
  • A kiddie birthday party for one of my best girlfriend’s son and daughter.
  • After watching the Twilight cast on Oprah, I feel excited to get caught up with the Twilight saga by finishing Twilight and watching New Moon.
  • Maybe trying out another new recipe from one of my mags.

On a totally random note, I’ve always wanted to buy Ella a pair of skinny jeans. I just think they’re so adorable at such a teeny tiny size! Her grandparents gave her a gift card for BabyGap, and score — skinny jeans were on “sale”.

Tell me these aren't adorable!


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