Random Thoughts Thursday

  • Tried to get the Charice album on the release day at Target only to find they were all sold out! There was a Filipino man standing in the “C” section of the CDs looking hopeless — I want to say he was there to get the Charice album too!
  • Bieber Fever — my kids, especially Ella, crack up when I say ‘Bieber Fever’ randomly. But after seeing Justin Bieber on Oprah, I learned that he is a very talented and respectful kid. He seemed humbled by his success and guess what — his Mom takes his phone away too when he gets busted! I can respect any kid who can share that outloud. LOL.
  • Ella had an AWESOME day at daycare yesterday. It’s hard when she goes just once a week. But I decided to wrap a gift and say it was from Auntie Sandra (her daycare provider) and had Sandra in on it. We also brought individual packs of mini Oreos (Ella picked it out herself at VONS) to share with her friends in celebration of her birthday. Turns out that mentioning the ‘present from Sandra’ helped control her crying throughout the day — and it was great to hear that she actually enjoyed handing out the treats and even napped with the other kids. My heart was singing with joy yesterday! Let’s see how it goes next week.
  • As parents, you go through new stages as your kids grow and get older. My current stage is “spelling everything out” so that Ella doesn’t pick up on what I’m trying say. I’ve been spelling “I-C-E-C-R-E-A-M” a lot lately.
  • Our teenage girl starts an every-other-weekend schedule with her biological mother this weekend – I can only pray it goes well, as it appears she has a false idea of what living with her mother is all about with all the shopping and eating out they do together. Money can’t buy love, and I think she will have to learn that lesson for herself.
  • WW is going well and both Hubby and I continue to see the numbers go down each week.
  • My nephew Shaun will be here any day now — come on, little guy!
  • I love being able to dress down here at work — LOVE it.
  • Looking forward to some down time this weekend after a very busy last weekend.
  • So happy that our herb garden is finally sprouting — I was feeling a little nervous since I do not have a green thumb. Ella loves to water the plants and seems excited about seeing the green show through! Once the basil grows, I can’t wait to make pesto. Mmmm!
  • What to do on Memorial Day weekend – no kiddies and a 3 day…foodventure with Hubby maybe?

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