Ella’s 2nd Birthday Party

The dust has settled from Ella’s Yo Gabba Gabba party in celebration of her turning TWO. I can’t believe my baby is two years old already. She had a great time, although she was a bit overwhelmed by all the people. But she was a trooper and passed up her usual afternoon nap to hang out with the other kids. Tons of food (still working on the leftovers), YGG inspired games, and it was great catching up with family and friends.

A lot of planning went into her party — my Hubby and I can’t resist all the DIY stuff (more him than me…really…hehe). We LOVE details, which we spent a lot of time on. Here are some photos from the days leading to the party and the actual party itself.

I designed Ella's birthday invite and with a little bit of 'magic' she was able to stand along side DJ Lance Rock and the rest of the Gabba gang! I used Vista Print for the printing. I had an offer for 100 FREE postcards and all I paid was shipping. Sweet deal!

Making the food bean bags for the Party in My Tummy game. We bought felt and beans from Wal-mart (total cost less than $10) and hand-sewed the beanbags ourselves. We drew the faces with a regular ol' Sharpie. Ella had fun stuffing the bags with beans!

I was so impressed (but not at all surprised) by Hubby's artistic skills. He drew and painted Brobee freehand. Later he cut it out for the Party in My Tummy game. Ella loved watching Daddy work on this project, constantly saying to him "Good job, Daddy!" with a thumbs-up. :)

Carrots, chicken, green bean and oranges - yummy, yummy!

Ella tossing a carrot in Brobee's tummy!

My nephew Koa playing too! The kids really enjoyed this game.

We made Toodee, Muno and Foofa cupcakes, and none other than my bro-in-law Mike helped me decorate and mix the frosting colors!

I picked up these mini-tubs of play-doh from the Dollar Tree store. Then I created labels to add a personal touch. These went in the boombox favors!

We ordered the YGG boombox pinata from Party Express.

My niece/goddaughter Ads taking her turn at the pinata!

I ordered these boombox favors from Party Express as well. Inside along with the play-doh were kid-friendly snacks, a rubber ball and sunglasses.

The party wouldn't be complete without DJ Lance Rock - "Lovely love I love my family" (performed by The Roots on YGG)

Ella with DJ Lance Rock

Ella with her awesome big brother and sisters

Throughout the day, I enjoyed snapping away with our DSLR and got some great shots of our kids, nieces, nephews and godkids — beautiful children! :)

Ella Tahalani


Cassius Makoa

Kylie Alexis

Edmon Cristian

Addison Reese

Ella had a wonderful fun-filled birthday with friends and family. She received a lot of  gifts including summer clothes and toys to add to her brand new kitchen! Thank you all for making Ella’s 2nd birthday a very special one. :)


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