25 Food Related Things You Didn’t Know About Me

  • I don’t really care for JELL-O.
  • I don’t like onions BUT I love the onion rings from Burger King.

  • I love it when there are slices of Chinese sausage in pansit – the more the merrier!

  • I will always love Top Ramen – but only chicken flavored.
  • When I was pregnant, I used to crave chocolate milk and eat cereal after dinner a lot.
  • I have several magazine subscriptions, many of them relating to food (or family): Food Network, Taste of Home, Kraft Food & Family, Good Housekeeping, Family Circle, Woman’s Day, Oprah, and Red Book.
  • My favorite TV shows are Top Chef, Iron Chef, Chopped, Chefs vs. City, Dinner Impossible and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.
  • My kids love my version of Filipino Bistek.
  • SPAM or bacon makes everything better.

  • I fell in love with my Hubby when I tried his pot roast for the first time.
  • I make a mean meatloaf…and I didn’t really grow up eating it.
  • My mom and dad will always be the best cooks I have ever known.
  • Even when I’m not hungry, I will eat my mother-in-law’s pansit – it’s that good!
  • No matter how small the pieces are, I am a champ at picking out garlic and onions.
  • My kids are better eaters than me when it comes to vegetables.
  • I am a Ninja in the kitchen – ask my Hubby and kids. I can prepare a home-cooked meal, clean all the pots and pans I used, pack the kids lunches and bake a dessert at the same time (while doing laundry).
  • My favorite part of the chicken is the wing.

  • My Dad and Hubby treat me like a princess when we’re eating crabs – they crack the shell and pick out all the yummy crab meat for me. Spoiled, I know.
  • I put fish sauce or shrimp paste on most things, never soy sauce.
  • Apples are my favorite fruit, just not the green granny smith ones.

  • I prefer my bananas firm with a little green on the peel – if they’re spotting and soft, I probably won’t eat them.
  • I love – LOVE grocery shopping!
  • Whenever Hubby and I go out to eat and order an appetizer, it is almost always calamari.

  • A guilty pleasure of mine is eating salted eggs (the purple ones from the Filipino restaurants) over warm rice. Mmmmm…

  • My last supper would be my Mom’s kare-kare over rice and bagoong – stewed oxtail in a peanut sauce with Chinese long beans, egg plant, bok choy. Man, I’m hungry!

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