Mother’s Day

After feeling exhausted from Ella’s birthday festivities the day before, I accepted that we would ALL be feeling exhausted the next day – Mother’s Day. Our original plans didn’t follow through, but that was my choice. And instead, I had a nice relaxing day that included some alone-time, time with my kids and a late coffee date with the Hubby. The hard part about Mother’s Day is not being able to spend time with all of the kids, as they usually spend most of the day with their biological mothers — but if it’s our weekend, they come back home and we can at least spend the evening together. But this is how awesome my kids are. Every year on Mother’s Day, they wake up extra early to prepare breakfast in bed for me. Although I try not to expect anything, I admit that I never get tired of hearing the knock on the door at 8am every Mother’s Day. Hugs, kisses, fruit tarts, a cup of coffee, and cards…it makes them leaving me easier to deal with. :)

One Lucky Mommy

Fruit Tarts

Words From The Heart

A Special Note From Aly (9 yr old)

After breakfast, I was able to sneak out for an hour to do some shopping. That was nice. :) Then Hubby, my stepson and Ella took me to a place called Pizzicato in Banker’s Hill for a late lunch. We grabbed dessert at a place I’ve been wanting to check out called Cupcakes Squared — I’ll save the details for a separate post. Then we ran errands and headed home.

With My Big One & Little One :)

The Men in My Life

Hubby and I were able to sneak out for an hour to grab a Starbucks and just sit and catch up from a very busy weekend. When I got home, he had a sweet card for me — I absolutely loved it!



When the girls returned from their mother’s house, they hugged me so tight as if they missed being with me that day. That felt really good. Hubby finished off the laundry for me (which was nice) while I sat and enjoyed my gossip magazine! LOL. I couldn’t have asked for a better Mother’s Day. Thank you, family — love you all.


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