Random Thoughts Thursday

  • Was happy to see Ella’s happy face yesterday – we had a simple dinner at our house followed by our family’s favorite Tuxedo cake and vanilla ice cream.
  • Ella blew out her own candle – and looked so proud!
  • What a week of will power – every day at work has been catered with GOOOOOD food. Staying true to my WW and eating healthier options versus the stuff I’d LIKE to eat. No more temptations at work after this week. Hooray!
  • Love the Brobee Party in My Tummy bean bag game Hubby and I put together for Ella’s birthday this weekend – my Hubby is so artistic; I’m always impressed by him. Will post pictures after the party and hopefully we’ll be able to have our party featured on gabbafriends.com. :)
  • Looking forward to my next foodventure with J-Dils – she’s on the hunt for the Best Burger in SD. Our next date will probably be at Hodad’s. I can’t wait. :)
  • Anyone had  a cake from the Ralphs bakery? You’re missing out if you haven’t. This is where we get our Tuxedo cakes that we just LOVE. After much thought, I opted for the strawberry shortcake cake from Ralphs for Ella’s party.
  • Looking forward to a nice relaxing Mother’s Day this Sunday.
  • Mom and Dad’s 38th wedding anniversary is tomorrow – I’ve learned so much from them.
  • Still need to design my eco-bags – after this weekend for sure.
  • I’m happy that our family was complete yesterday for Ella’s birthday – made me realized how much I missed them so.
  • Our boy finally has his driver’s license – watch out! :)

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