Happy 2nd Birthday, Darling Ella!

Two years ago, my whole life changed when I welcomed my daughter Ella into the world. Easy labor, easy delivery, some medical issues followed, but she survived it and is healthy and thriving! She’s funny, fiesty, loving, sassy, loves to sing and dance, color, and cook like her Mommy and Daddy…here is Ella’s big birthday gift!

This is one happy birthday girl!

It was so precious to see her face light up – you’d think I’d seen every smile ever worn on this little girl’s face, but the one she had this morning was unforgettable and melts me everytime I think of it. I am so happy she loved her gift. For weeks she has been saying “My bathday? My bathday?” Well, my darling, your “bathday” is finally here.  I love you more than you can ever imagine – you inspire me to be my  best every day! Happy, happy 2nd  birthday. Mommy loves you.

The tiny 2

And of course, our family's Happy Birthday sign...we plan to keep this sign as long as we can, no matter how torn or tattered. So special to us, and has seen us through many birthdays.


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