Random Things That Make Me Smile

  • The fact that Target carries Paul Frank – I heart my PF stickers!
  • Playing an old “slow jams” CD from my old dusted-off CaseLogic case – I was playing some Ginuwine, Jagged Edge and Donnell Jones. And my older kids were asking who was singing…I had to explain who these artists were. Haha.
  • The new song “Pyramid” by Philippines sensation Charice & rapper/singer Iyaz . I love this song!
  • Hearing Ella say “My bathday?” everytime she sees me on gabbafriends.com getting ideas for her upcoming birthday party.
  • The Taurus Riley reggae rendition of John Legend’s “Stay With You”, one of my songs for the Hubby.
  • Our upcoming date night – Dinner & EKOLU/Katchafire Concert this Friday. After much deliberation, we’re going to go true island style and will grab some eats at Chamorro Grill – it will be our first time so we’re excited!
  • My Hubby made very special plans for me on Mother’s Day – I am very excited! Thanks love.
  • Planning my upcoming date with Aubreigh, and thinking of ideas for the other kids. Stay tuned.
  • This weekend. :)

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