#9 Plant an Herb Garden – Done!

Today we enjoyed San Diego weather at its best. While I knew I was going to plant my herb garden, I didn’t expect such a magical time spent with my family. The pots we purchased were plain, until I found some paint and sponges and had the idea to have each of our kids paint a pot. I’m always trying to find new experiences to share with the kids and new ways they can express themselves artistically and creatively. Here are several photos from our pot-painting-herb-planting day:

Plain pots before the paint


Mommy's little helper - love this pic especially because her shoes are on the wrong feet - so cute when kids do this. But she put them on herself, so that's what's important! :)

Mommy helping Ella paint her pot.

Ella loved painting for the first time!

Big brother, baby sister, small table and tiny chairs

Adding soil

Basil seedlings

Adding a personal touch...

Can't wait to make some pesto!


A closer look...

Thank you, Daddy, for the awesome pics of our herb garden!


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