Bacon “Beats”

My Friday night was spent listening to the Hubby playing jazzy hip-hop in the lounge…here he is with the youngest of his four proteges, DJ Ella T. on the wheels of steel. :)

Proud Daddy DJ

Having fun with her Daddy

As you know, I’ve been looking through all my cookbooks and magazines for new recipes to try (see #21 on my 33 Things to Do list). In my Taste of Home magazine I found a recipe for Chocolate Covered Bacon – mmmmm! Sounds like an unusual combination but I’m noticing bacon in a lot of sweets lately. Since the two older kids had their own agendas last night (plans with their friends) I thought this would something fun for Aly, Ella and I to do together.

Snapshot of the recipe

The 3 ingredients: bacon, chocolate chips & pecans

The STAR of the show: Crispy Fried Bacon

Pecans - I chopped these up into smaller pieces

1/4 bag of semi-sweet chips melted

Mommy & her little sous chefs

Paying close attention to the technique

Voila - the finished product!

My little taste-tester :)

I’m very satisfied with how easy this was to make and how delicious they were. The family was impressed at how the two flavors worked so well together. I say this treat is especially good with CRISPY bacon – the crunchy factor adds a lot! So if you’re craving a salty and sweet treat, check in your fridge and pantry and give this recipe a try!


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