With Ella’s birthday around the corner, I have a couple of weeks to put all the final details together. I love seeing what people come up with when it comes to party planning details. I love being inspired by the creative, the crafty and just the plain old genius minds that come up with these things!

I heart the itty bitty heart in this design.
Now I would totally wear any of these birthday hats – such a cute DIY idea!
Love this color combination – muted, earthy, but still feminine & chic.
The time and patience it took to write on a cupcake – that’s LOVE.
Places in a “Tiny City” for a “Tiny 2” themed birthday – no city is a city without a Starbucks!
Each guest received an “In Flight Meal” for this travel-themed party. Clever!
Who says you can’t take the beach with you wherever you go??
Very cute sugar cookies…and not heavy on the frosting either! :)

What a sweet idea for a 2nd birthday party favor - TWO cupcakes!

Lollipops can wear costumes too – so cute!

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