Rayn Rayn Go Awai…

That’s how Ella sings the song thanks to the New Zealand accent of The Wiggles. LOL. Precious. I wish I was home in bed in my sweats under my covers watching my DVRd shows with a cup of coffee. Mmmmm…I love rainy lazy days.

For now, I got my warm breakroom Starbucks coffee and Paul Frank headphones on and I’m going to jam to some jazz and island reggae as I work on a long list of projects (for those of you who wonder why or how I can blog at work…think of it as my “warm-up” to writing. Trust me, it’s like exercise for my fingers and helps the creative juices flow).  Hoping I can get out of here early so I can pick up Ella and take her to the bookstore for some much needed Mommy & Ella time. Happy Wednesday!


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