33 Things To Do Update

Here’s a quick update on my 33 Things To Do. I know I have a year to achieve  as much as I can, but I’m already plugging away at it.

  1. Read at least 3 good books – with my limited time and short attention span for reading, this would be a big accomplishment for me! My bestie gave me two new books to read for my birthday, plus I have one from the Hubby that I still need to start.
  2. Watch at least 10 movies from our massive DVD collection. May have to pick one for this weekend. No big plans – woo hoo!
  3. Complete my craft / work / office area complete with an inspiration board and pictures of my family. Done – still finalizing the details.
  4. Design a business card and / or stationary for myself.
  5. Go on at least one movie date with my Hubby.
  6. Get a Thai massage.
  7. Spend time with each of my godchildren, and for the ones that live out of state, send them a surprise in the mail.
  8. Get to my goal weight. Work in progress. :)
  9. Plant an herb garden. Done!
  10. Plan an exciting surprise date for my Hubby.
  11. Reconnect with an old friend.
  12. Plan a cousins’ night out.
  13. Travel to a new place with my Hubby.
  14. Buy a King Size bed. Done!
  15. Start putting together memory books for our children – don’t have to finish, just start.
  16. Buy a third vehicle.
  17. Pay off /or pay down our store cards.
  18. Try escargot or oysters – just once! J-Dils gave me a good rec for oysters at Ichiro. May have to hit that place up – I trust her. :)
  19. Participate in a charity walk or run (more like jog).
  20. Find something super-fly at a garage sale or swap meet that I can use or display proudly.
  21. Try at least 10 new recipes from the many magazines and cookbooks I own. Been dog-earring pages of my many magazines. So many to choose from!
  22. Cook a turkey or whole chicken for the first time.
  23. Watch the sunset with my Hubby.
  24. Make sure my closet is filled with clothes and shoes that are my current size and I’d actually wear. Almost there!
  25. Go to a Farmer’s Market and cook a meal with the ingredients I buy.
  26. Do a one-on-one with each child – and make it as special as I can. One down, three to go!
  27. Plan a family trip. Right now, it’s looking like Disney during the summer, and maybe a foodventure with the fam in the LA / Hollywood area.
  28. Have a “me-day” – pampering, shopping, and doing the things I love to do but usually don’t have time to do.
  29. Find at least 10 of my favorite photos in our digital collection and frame/display them. I have quite a few faves…will have more time in the summer to go through the hundreds of photos!
  30. Take a class – cooking, art, sport – anything!
  31. Plan a night out or in with my best girlfriends.
  32. Treat myself to a really cute accessory – shoes, purse or jewelry. Eyeing the Lisa Leonard collection…maybe for Mother’s Day, I’ll treat myself.
  33. Enjoy a live performance by a well-known or local musician. Done!

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