Shower for Team Sadsarin

This weekend we hosted a sports-themed baby shower for my brother and SIL. Here are some photos from the day. So excited to meet my nephew Shaun Maxwell. :) It was great to see our family and friends.

Team Sadsarin with Shaun in the belly :)

These are truffles I shaped and decorated to look like "footballs".

Hubby created "baseball" cupcakes.

We had lots of sporty decorations including this sign that stood outside of our house.

Guests took home these favors which were mini-trophies with soccer, baseball, football and basketball chocolates.

Guests were dressed in their sports gear like this cheerleader & quarterback.


We had guests "autograph" a mini Chargers football as a keepsake for Team Sadsarin.

Winners of our sports-themed games won a Chargers eco-bag.

We placed football and baseball players on these gourmet cakes we picked up in the VONS bakery.


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