Twenty Thirteen – Part 2

Last weekend, we took the kids to John’s Incredible Pizza in the Plaza Bonita shopping center. I wanted to share the experience with the three older kids since they weren’t with us the first time we went. I used my birthday as an excuse to take the family out to eat! It’s rare for us to eat out since we’re a big family, but John’s Pizza is perfect. Prices are great ($8.99 for dinner), it’s all you can eat, and it’s perfect for “kids of all ages”. You don’t have to have kids in tow to go here and if you ask me, this would be a fun “date night” idea…that is, if you don’t mind being around families and small children. I’d pick this place over Chuck E. Cheese any day!

I may have mentioned it in one of my earlier posts, but they have a wide selection of pizzas – you must try their spicy peanut butter pizza. It really is very good! They have a yummy pesto pasta and you must try their mini donuts that you may see popping out of the fryer fresh – delicious! We tried to go early to beat the dinner rush, but it looked like we weren’t the only ones thinking that way. It was crowded moreso than the first time we went – and honestly, I came home feeling WORN OUT! LOL. It was fun though.

My BFF and her Hubby (also Ella's godparents) joined us.

Big bro, Sissie, Godbaby and my Baby Girl were there too!

Aly having a blast on one of the rides - her big bro and sis did not feel like getting "dizzy" with her. :)

Looks like they didn't have a height limit for the bumper cars - haha!

Cousin Love


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