Random Thoughts Thursday

  • A major change is happening in my life, and I’m ok with it. :)
  • Happy I got to spend time with my bestie this week and very excited for our dinner double-date at Cucina Urbana  this weekend!
  • Trying to find a cure for Ella’s temperament – Wednesday mornings have been tough. :(
  • Trying to get mentally organized for the baby shower we’re hosting for my brother and SIL.
  • Just added the WordPress app to my Blackberry – but don’t know why it’s not working for me.
  • I’m starting to like my “darker” ‘do courtesy of a box of Loreal Color Creme. Bye-bye greys and roots!
  • Had my first work-day beer at the Rock Band competition yesterday afternoon – I wonder how this company gets away with serving beer during the work-day. But hey, I”m not complaining.
  • Hubby and I have been doing really well with our eating all week – no impulse snacking or splurging, although yesterday we treated ourselves to a toffee rooibos tea latte from the Coffee Bean after running errands last night – we shared it, and I realized how much I miss that drink!
  • I think I’m converting into a shrimp fan – yesterday Hubby made shrimp tacos and they were SO good – wish I could have had more but 3 was my WW quota.
  • Today I ordered YGG party stuff to get ahead and allow time for shipping since I wasn’t willing to spend $$$ for priority shipping. They sent me a message today saying that my order is ready to be shipped – that’s FAST! Excited for Ella’s party in May. :)
  • My new fave is the Sam the Cooking Guy book – if you don’t have it, go get one – recipes are easy and ingredients are simple.
  • Just got Ella her first pair of flip-flops – too precious seeing her try to walk in them. She’s so proud of them.
  • Thinking of a little getaway on Memorial Day weekend – hmmmm…where should we go?

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