Small Changes

Something about this age is already feeling good – or could it be just a good reflection of my life today versus a year ago, or perhaps all the life’s lessons I learned in the past year. Whatever it is, I feel stronger, more inspired and in control of my life.

Yesterday I started back up on WW. Jennifer Hudson is the new spokesperson and I like how she doesn’t reveal her weight or weightloss. She just looks and feels better, and really that’s all that matters. I like that approach, although I will be using the scale to measure my success as well as how I feel when I look in the mirror. I’ve been packing healthier lunches, portioning everything out and been cooking healthier meals at home. Last night I made chicken stir-fry using chicken breast, bell peppers, carrots and broccoli. I had white rice, but watched my portion. And I felt satisfied! Also I started exercising again. I have been doing 20 minute bootcamp workouts, which I notice have been helping me sleep better. I don’t wake up feeling lazy and groggy, but instead I feel well-rested and energized.


The picture above was from 5 years ago! I decided to try WW for the first time and lost about 10 lbs. I have a whole year to get to my goal weight (and it’s a lot more than just to lose 10 lbs), so I’m easing into this without the pressure of a close deadline. 

Our kids, who watch everything we do, are getting into the new eating-style. We bought this huge container of almonds for a “healthier option” snack. Honestly, even at the check-out line in Costco, I thought “I think this will go to waste.” But I’m happy to say that the container is only half full now and I’m proud when I see our kids eating almonds with us. Small changes will hopefully lead to big lasting results.


2 thoughts on “Small Changes

  1. Shaye, Mike is on WW and has been on it since September of last year. He’s almost to his goal weight (30 lbs. lighter). He absolutely loves WW, and I cook a LOT that is easily “countable” in terms of points. Let me know if you need recipes!

    • Hey that’s awesome Jan! Yes, please share his fave recipes with me. I’d love to try them out. So far, I love the shrimp tacos we made last week. It wasn’t a WW recipe necessarily but anything with shrimp is very low in points. I hope to lose as much as Mike! Proud of him. :)

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