3: Story Behind The Food

One morning before work, I decided to stop by Winchell’s Donuts (they have a drive-thru) to pick up some donut holes for my co-workers. As I was looking at their menu, I noticed two things “breakfast bagel sandwiches” and “chorizo”. I have ordered an egg-cheese-chorizo on a plain bagel on several mornings from the Winchell’s on Miramar Rd. So good I decided to re-create this breakfast bagel-wich for my family on this fine Sunday morning. I used asiago cheese bagles ($1.99 for 6), pork chorizo ($2.50) and 2 eggs per bagel.

The ingredients PLUS whatever cheese you have on hand (I just used American)

First, squeeze the chorizo out of its casing andcook it until the edges look almost “burnt”. In a separate pan, cook eggs 2 at a time, fluffing it – not scrambling it. Add two tablespoons of chorizo to the eggs and flip it. Add the egg-chorizo to the bagel, top it with a slice of cheese and zap it in the microwave for 30 secs to a minute. Slice it in half for easier eating. :)

Assembled and ready to be enjoyed!

Our foodie kids are pretty innovative with their condiments. I had sliced fresh avocado, but my 17 year old son took it to the next level. Get ready – it’s pretty heavy! LOL. Avocado mixed with mayo and siracha. I tried it without the siracha and it was damn good!

Open-faced view

Shout-out to my Hubby for making a delicious dinner last night – Shrimp Fettuccini Alfredo. And the drink was created by our 9 year old. :)

Shrimp Fettuccini Alfredo

Apple-lemonade-iced tea with a fresh strawberry


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