Random Thoughts Thursday

  • Whoa, this week FLEW by with a quickness! Can’t believe tomorrow is already Friday!
  • I had a really nice birthday. :)
  • So excited my bestie is having a girl too – my Ella will have a little Sun Sister of her own.
  • One thing I love about Thursdays – I get an earlier start which means I have an hour to myself in the morning.
  • Excited to tackle my 33 Things To-Do List! Already planning for my idea/inspiration board, my one-on-one with my 14 year old, and I’ve been perusing through my cookbooks and mags for a new recipe!
  • So happy I finished designing Ella’s 2nd birthday invite!
  • I’ve worn my hair “natural” for the entire week! How brave of me (but it was more like I didn’t feel like flat-ironing my hair). I’ve received positive responses (unless they’re just being “nice” LOL) which encourages me to wear my hair natural more. Embrace the waves! LOL.
  • Was touched at how many FB friends wished me a Happy Birthday!
  • I enjoyed my “salsa” workout with the Hubby this week – it was fun and funny! Thinking about it makes me smile. :)
  • I’m still determined to make some marshmallows!
  • Had a really good sushi roll for lunch today thanks to some really sweet friends at work taking me out for my bday – Spicy Tuna Tempura Roll from Nozomi 2 in La Jolla
  • So glad Top Chef Masters episodes have started – premiered this week! My fave!
  • Other reality shows I’m addicted to at the moment are Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and Undercover Boss. For some reason, I always end up crying after watching Undercover Boss.
  • Can’t wait to go to John’s Incredible Pizza again this weekend – should be fun!
  • Mmmmm…I want another slice of my birthday cake. :)

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