Twenty Thirteen – Part 1

My birthday was simply perfect. I had a short workday, I had a nice noodley lunch “somewhere new” with the Hubby, I did a little shopping thanks to a gift card from my brother and SIL, I was overwhelmed and overjoyed with all the FB messages I received, and I took a really, really nice nap with a little help from my allergy meds I was in great need of. :)  Naps are definitely a luxury for me as I 1) don’t get enough sleep as it is and 2) I don’t usually have the time to dedicate to napping/resting. Best of all, I had a nice dinner at home with my Hubby and kiddos. Here are some photos from today.

I knew I needed to have something with noodles (noodles=long life) and I had been craving ramen, so I jumped on Yelp and found Tajima. Very satisfying and delicious, but I still think the broth is in contention with Santouka’s. One thing I did appreciate was their optional “side” – they offered mini gyozas, mini bowls of two types of rice, and onigiri (rice ball with a filling). Both Hubby and I chose the BBQ pork rice, and that in itself could have been considered a “light” meal. I can’t even describe the flavor, really, but it was good. Definitely not what I expected after reading “BBQ pork” but good nonetheless. Sprinkle some of that red peppery goodness they have as a regular condiment, and you’re good to go!

BBQ Pork Rice

There’s something to be said about fried battered dark chicken. It’s like the unhealthy relative of popcorn chicken. But it’s definitely a staple at our Japanese dinners together. This was served with a side of mayo, which I believe was an aioli of some kind.

Chicken Karagge

I ordered the Regular Ramen that had BBQ pork and half of a boiled (aged?) egg. It was tasty but had too much of a gingery flavor for my taste. I would have liked more pieces of pork in mine, but the portion of the entire bowl of ramen was very generous – I could not finish it.

Regular Ramen

Hubby ordered the Kakuni Ramen – it had pork belly (mmm!) and half a boiled egg. Very very tender tasty pork – in fact, I would order this next time.

Kakuni Ramen

Noodles for the Birthday Girl

Did a little bit of shopping today and picked up some cute stationary and a couple of purses. For purse #1, I loved the old school vintage feel and the “quilt” look. It’s a pretty big bag, which you know I love. Purse #2 is a bright white shoulder bag – not as roomy as my usual purses, but it was still a good size. The photog features a little gift from my Hubby – my new Blackberry which I just LOVE LOVE LOVE (thank you, honey!). My Hubby and kids gave me this really thoughtful gift – a water can filled with gardening essentials, a gardening magazine, a tee with Sesame Street characters and a caption that reads “All My Homies Are From The Street” (love it), a fancy travel mug.

Cute Stationary

Purse #1 - loved the vintage look

Purse #1 close-up

Purse #2 - bright white for springtime featuring my new toy from the Hubby :)

Birthday Cake - Mocha Crunch from Red Ribbon

From the kids: gardening essentials for my herb garden - love it!

Hubby & Ella

My Kiddos


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