33 Things To Do Before I Turn 34

Tomorrow I am officially 33 years old, or what I’ve newly coined twenty-thirteen. We can all still be in our twenties. Who says otherwise, right? And since I’m the Queen of Lists, I deemed it appropriate that I create a to-do list that will inspire and excite my twenty-thirteenth year of being alive. If there is one thing a list can do, it can certainly make you feel accomplished and fulfilled, assuming you are working hard at everything on it. I dug deep…and thoughtfully I compiled this list. It will serve as my motivation, guide, and reminder of how rich life really is and how blessed I am. As the year goes on, I hope to cross items off the list and post pictures of what I achieved. In the meantime, I will enjoy my last day as a twenty-twelve year old woman. Happy Birthday to me.  :)

  1. Read at least 3 good books – with my limited time and short attention span for reading, this would be a big accomplishment for me!
  2. Watch at least 10 movies from our massive DVD collection.
  3. Complete my craft / work / office area complete with an inspiration board and pictures of my family. (6/12)
  4. Design a business card and / or stationary for myself.
  5. Go on at least one movie date with my Hubby.
  6. Get a Thai massage.
  7. Spend time with each of my godchildren, and for the ones that live out of state, send them a surprise in the mail.
  8. Get to my goal weight.
  9. Plant an herb garden.(4/25)
  10. Plan an exciting surprise date for my Hubby.
  11. Reconnect with an old friend. (7/19 Jenny & 7/21 Sonya)
  12. Plan a cousins’ night out.
  13. Travel to a new place with my Hubby.
  14. Buy a King Size bed. (6/19)
  15. Start putting together memory books for our children – don’t have to finish, just start.
  16. Buy a third vehicle.(8/6)
  17. Pay off /or pay down our store cards.
  18. Try escargot or oysters – just once!
  19. Participate in a charity walk or run (more like jog).
  20. Find something super-fly at a garage sale or swap meet that I can use or display proudly.
  21. Try at least 10 new recipes from the many magazines and cookbooks I own. (Chocolate Covered Bacon on 4/23…)
  22. Cook a turkey or whole chicken for the first time. (11/25)
  23. Watch the sunset with my Hubby.
  24. Make sure my closet is filled with clothes and shoes that are my current size and I’d actually wear. (6/12)
  25. Go to a Farmer’s Market and cook a meal with the ingredients I buy.
  26. Do a one-on-one with each child – and make it as special as I can.
  27. Plan a family trip. (8/20-8/22 our family vacation in Disneyland/LA)
  28. Have a “me-day” – pampering, shopping, and doing the things I love to do but usually don’t have time to do.
  29. Find at least 10 of my favorite photos in our digital collection and frame/display them.
  30. Take a class – cooking, art, sport – anything!
  31. Plan a night out or in with my best girlfriends. (8/13 at Analaog for GNO/Shell’s birthday)
  32. Treat myself to a really cute accessory – shoes, purse or jewelry. (sometime in November – got some cute earrings)
  33. Enjoy a live performance by a well-known or local musician. (4/30, EKOLU, Rebel Souljahz, Katchafire)

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