Easter Weekend Part 2

We had a lovely Easter in our beautiful city of San Diego. We don’t get out into the sunshine nearly enough as we should – but yesterday we took full advantage of everything San Diego has to offer – being by the water, the cool breezes, the warm sun, the sand, and we even felt a pretty shaky earthquake which happened to be the biggest one  SD has seen in quite a few years! Love living in California. The night before was spent prepping food for our picnic (which included packing sandwich essentials and baking Easter cookies) and stuffing and hiding the eggs around our house for the kids to hunt when we returned home – Hubby and I had a lot of fun doing that!

Our Easter picnic dessert :)

Colorful eggs stuffed with chocolate & dollar bills!

Goodies for our "big" kids

Ella falling asleep with the Easter Bunny.

Easter started early – we picked up the kids at 9am and headed to our favorite Mission Bay Park. Love their play area and everything they had to offer – sand, lots of grassy area to play catch and picnic, and a gorgeous San Diego back-drop of palm trees and water. So San Diego!

Our  picnic menu consisted of: Cold Cuts, Avocado, Havarti Cheese on Buttery Croissants; Ranch & BBQ flavored WAVY (my kids’ fave) Potato Chips; Fresh Strawberries; and Easter Sugar Cookies. My bro & SIL brought naan bread and a spicy hummus – YUM! We all enjoyed a nice Easter feast.

Adding the goodness to our sammies...

After taking a couple of bites

Sissie, big bro & godbaby

My Girls

Bubbles with Bubba

The fam (minus Hubby who's taking the pic)

We flew kites – for most of us, it was our first time – we even found these awesome Yo Gabba Gabba kites at Wal-Mart that flew great. There was even a moment where I went from standing, to kneeling, to sitting, to lying on my back watching my kite fly in the big blue sky – blissful and relaxing!


Daddy & Ella flying a kiteElla flying her Sponge Bob kite

Me, Hubby & Aly flying our kites

Ella flying her Sponge Bob kite

At the playground

Addy hearts the swing

Ella hearts the sand - she could have played for hours!

I’m happy that we got to spend quality time with our children, and make more wonderful memories together. Hubby and I were so tired from the entire weekend but we’re always happy when we can somehow find our second wind to plan joyful moments with our family. Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend! Here are a couple more from the egg-hunt at our house.

The big kids when we said "GO!"

Our biggest kid was the biggest competitor and scored some lunch (or date) money! :)


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