So Blessed

In life you come across those moments when you just feel blessed, lucky and fortunate for the people around you and the life you have. I had one of those moments just a few minutes ago as I opened the lunch my mom packed for me. I’m almost 33 years old and my mom does not have to pack my lunch, or my husband’s (which she did). But that’s the love of a mother – no matter how old your kids are, you always want to show your love, and through a sack lunch she sure did!

I opened the brown bag reminiscent of my elementary school days to find a cheese pimento sandwich on white (yes, white) bread. She also packed me a bag of chips and when I thought the bag was empty and I was in the midst of setting it aside, I felt an object left behind – a piece of Hershey’s chocolate. I giggled out loud and smiled while my eyes welled up. I thought “I am so lucky – my mom loves me so much that she thought to do this for her adult child and her husband even!” While I wished my mom was more “present” in my life growing up, she has been extraordinary to me when I am at the age to appreciate her and tell her, and when life’s challenges were not petty, but important.

I feel blessed to have children who not only remember my birthday is in April, but they know the exact date. And I have children who when I come home from work, even if they’re surrounded by their teenage friends, are not too cool to say hi to their mom. And I have children who, when they know their mom is tired from a long day, will bring them a cup of coffee or tea and fresh baked cookies wrapped in a napkin.

I feel blessed to have the same friends in my life who were there to celebrate my 13th birthday with me twenty years ago! I have friends who I consider the family I choose. I have friends who, after being out of touch for some time, I can still connect with as easily as we did the last time we had seen each other. I am blessed to have a “sun-sister”.

I feel blessed that I have a loving husband who I can call my best friend. I feel blessed that no matter how many times I repeat myself, he still listens to me like I’m saying it for the first time. I feel blessed that my husband and I can be like kids and explore new things and look for new adventures. I feel blessed that I know exactly who I’m growing old with and that no matter what, we will always have each other. I feel blessed that when times were tough and I wasn’t working, my husband was there every day to comfort me and tell me that things will get better – and they did. I am blessed to have a strong patient husband who forgives my imperfections and loves me anyway.

I feel blessed to have supportive parents. I feel blessed to have my brother, my guide and ally for life. I’m blessed that my brother married a wonderful woman and gave me a sister and a niece, and soon a nephew, all whom I love so dearly.

I feel so lucky, so blessed.


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