Getting Ready for Easter

Another Easter holiday is just around the corner! As the kids get older, the more challenging it gets to assemble an Easter basket that is fit for their age. Sometimes I wonder whether or not it would matter if they got a basket of goodies and had an egg-hunt or not…but as a mom, I vote “yes”! :) If anything, it’s fun just to get “something” from the “Easter Bunny”.

Ella and her cousin Addy will be doing an egg hunt on Saturday at Liberty Station, but I’m also assembling a little Easter “bucket” for them this year…still have to finish filling it up. But I’m finished assembling the petite buckets for our two older girls (14 and 9) as well as our son’s girlfriend – Hubby says that we “adopted” another girl. LOL. I just think it’s a nice gesture to get something from your bf’s family on the holidays, even if it’s something small – plus…I like her and think she’s been very good to him. I asked him yesterday “So, do you still like her?” jokingly. And he said “Yes” laughing. And I said “Just checking in…I like her, that’s why I made her an Easter bucket.” And he smiled. I think it makes him happy that we are supportive of his gf. I can only pray that our daughters’ future bfs and bfs family will be just as good to them…but that’s a long way down the road (in my mind).

In the girls’ buckets, I put fun and practical things. I tried to avoid the stuff that they’ll never use or too much candy because that stuff ends up being “kalat” (mess in Tagalog) around the house. I found  pens and mechanical pencils in a really cute spring design from the Dollar Tree store, packs of mini Hello Kitty nail polishes, Hello Kitty nail files and Helly Kitty lip glosses from Target. I also put in those “claw” clips from the Dollar Tree store. I threw in a couple of these Cookies N Creme chocolate eggs. I put everything in these mini tin buckets I found in the dollar section at Target, added a little Easter grass, and wrapped them up in cellophane, tied with a bright ribbon and made tags that resemble green grass personalized with the names Ella calls them (Nini and Sisi) using scrapbook letter stickers.

Easter goodies for Nini & Sisi

We plan on doing a little Easter egg hunt around the house – some eggs will be filled with chocolate and some will be filled with money! Money becomes appealing as you get older. LOL. And weather permitting, we’re thinking of having a picnic in the park and bringing a football, our gloves and balls, and just enjoying the day. If it rains, we’ll probably just stay home and bake and spend quality time together…or maybe rent a movie OnDemand.

Last night for dinner, we had Beef Pra Ram. Hubby has made this a couple times before, and it’s pretty darn good. Son has been requesting this dish for several weeks and since it was just him last night, we thought it would be nice to cook this for him. While I was assembling Easter buckets with Ella, the “boys” were downstairs cooking – our son made the sauce. Sooo good! He’s definitely just like his Dad. :)

Beef Pra Ram

Speaking of our son, I was so surprised by a text I received from him yesterday morning. It read: “Good morning Mom. Did you forget your lunch?” I didn’t forget my lunch, I just left something out for him that he could eat for lunch that afternoon, and he thought it was supposed to be for me. But how sweet is it that my 5 ’11 17 year old stepson who has a very deep manly voice would even care that his stepmom may not have anything for lunch that day? Melted my heart – these moments I cherish. I am so lucky to have him. :)


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