Food-venture at Bleu Boheme

This evening, I met my dear friend from college, Jan, for dinner. Over 10 years later, I realize that we still have what makes our friendship so special to me – commonalities, easy conversation and a natural connection. One of the things we have in common is our love for the culinary world – in fact, we agree that a culinary degree is more appealing to us today versus the business degree we earned. We decided to meet at Bleu Boheme in the Kensington area for an early dinner.

Bleu Boheme has a sweet deal – an early bird prix-fixe menu if you are seated before 6pm. It’s $22 per person for a three course meal. We both started with their petite soupe a l’oignon gratinee (french onion soup). Now, I don’t love the texture of onions, but I do love the flavor. Weird, I know. The soup was tasty and the perfect portion.

French Onion Soup

For my entree, I was torn. I had been craving moules and pomme frites, but I’m pretty sure I would be ordering that on my date night with Hubby this Friday. Jan suggested the duck confit. I think I’ve only ordered duck once in my life and although it was good, it was quite greasy. But I was  game to try something outside of my culinary comfort zone. I am SO glad I ordered the duck – it was delicious, well seasoned, cooked perfectly, NOT greasy, and the best part…the crispy skin! Mmmm…this came with pomme frites.

Duck Confit with Pomme Frites

For dessert, we each had the chocolate mousse, which was the only option on the prix fixe. It was decadent and just enough – it was served in what I would describe as a “baby ramekin”.

Chocolate Mousse

Definitely a spoon and fork up to Bleu Boheme – I’d love to take Hubby there sometime. I raved to him about the duck in detail and I can tell he was a wee bit envious when I mentioned the crispy skin. :)  I’m so glad that I got to catch up with an old friend and indulge in a wonderful dinner with her. Happy early birthday, Jan!

Jan & Shaye


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