2: Story Behind The Food

Today we had an early celebration for my father-in-law. If you’ve been to one of our parties, you know we cook for an army! It doesn’t matter if two people are coming or twenty, we always throw down in the kitchen. I think it has a lot to do with having a large family – we are already trained to feed the masses, and we enjoy it!

For Papa’s birthday, we decided to have a “plate lunch” menu. Plate lunches usually consist of rice, a protein (usually BBQ chicken or beef, shrimp or kalua pork) and the other carb-staple macaroni salad. Hubby attempted for the first time the famous kalua pig and ooooh baby….it was so ono! He nailed it! Great job, hon. He also made (for the first time) shrimp-truck style shrimps. For those who don’t know what I’m referring to, this is the garlicky, buttery goodness that the shrimp is pan-fried in. Again, he nailed it! Today’s food was reminicent of our trips to Hawaii, and specifically to the North Shore. Here are some photogs of our creations.

Shrimp-truck style

Kalua pork - so ono

Mom's mac salad (tried to re-create)

Bibinka - Hubby & I used to make this a lot...even sell it!

Notice the candle is a "?" - Happy Bday Papa! :)

Aly added some flavor with her party signs - like father, like daughter. NATE1 would be proud. :)

Ella picked out what she wanted to wear today - a tutu!


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