Random Thoughts Thursday

  • This week flew by because it was extremely busy! Midweek softball game, reports due, appointments, new daycare arrangements, and lots of dealing with the “non-listeners” in the family…and it gets busier into the weekend. Hope we find time to unwind. :(
  • I’m convinced that our children got together and decided “Let’s drive mom and dad crazy all week. Ready? GO!”
  • Have to finalize what we’re doing for Easter weekend – we’re taking Ella to Liberty Station for the big egg hunt on Saturday, but all the other kids will be back with us on Easter Sunday. We may do an Easter egg hunt where the “green” eggs have a dollar value. As the kids get older…money seems to be more of a motivator to get them to look for eggs. LOL! And I think Hubby and I decided that instead of dealing with the crowded restsaurants on Easter Sunday, we’ll just cook good food at home, thank you very much! Menu planning…
  • Praying for my *friend* during this difficult time – I keep thinking about her and imagining what she is going through.
  • Was really proud of Ella for getting through her first day at daycare. When I arrived to pick her up, she ran so fast towards me saying “Mommy, Mommy!” and gave me a great big hug! One of the best feelings. :)
  • I heart our new couch and how much space it has freed up.
  • The smell of coffee coming out of McDonald’s this morning reminded me of roadtrips Hubby and I would take together – we’d always stop by McDonald’s to pick up coffee and breakfast before heading out on the road. We’re planning our next weekend getaway.
  • So random, but this week I watched the We Are The World videos on youtube – I got chicken skin just seeing all these artists gathered together (then and now) to sing their hearts out for a good cause. I still like the original more because of MJ and it seemed more “raw” – everyone seemed to record their parts in each other’s presence, as oppose to being “alone” in a recording booth and doing multiple re-takes of their part. Enjoy.

USA for Africa – We Are The World

Help for Haiti – We Are The World


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